Guetta x Rowland, Lupe, Wale/9th Wonder, Wayne, Drake, GaGa + Bey

Remember Bakes’ love affair? I’m happy for Kells too (no R’rah…) + 9th Wonder and Wale’s long-awaited collabo mixtape “Back To The Feature.” Lupe performing “Shining Down” live after the jump…his little hop performance tick is so adorable. aw…And what are your thoughts on these newbies from Rihanna, Toni Braxton and Kells (Yes, R’rah…)?

Peace to NR + OS + Sammy!

This song is technically awful- why do I still knock it? Smh…Sorry Asha. (hangs head)

She’s crazy, but I LOVE it…lol

Please let this (which was my JAM when it leaked in like April 2008? Good Jam Jimbo! Did you know “Sweet Dreams” was produced by the same dude who crafted Wayne’s “Lollipop”, a song that was originally made for Danity Kane? Ha! Crazy right?) clip be better than this…

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