Drake, Killers, Wayne, Jay-Z + MORE (you’re welcome!)

Here’s Drake, who made the teenie boppers squeal at NYC’s Summer Jam yesterday. Killers + MGMT after the jump…is it just me or do you love Kings of Leon (I blame Jbakes…) more than Coldplay now? I mean, the band isn’t releasing anything…so what’s a black girl to do for some easy listening? I would post some new Amerie, but I just don’t really care…I don’t love her first single, so…until she makes something that deserves you ladies’ attention…chill. Elsewhere on Def Jam/Universal:

Fab’s “Where the Money Goes” ft Jay

Mary J’s “The One” ft everyone’s bf Drake

Mary J’s “Do It Again” ft TIP

Wayne’s “No Quitter Go Getter”

Wayne’s “Told Ya’ll”

props to OS + StereoGum

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