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Exclusive!: Summer Jam 09 Pics!


Here in New York this past weekend, the 23-under crowd all migrated to new Jersey for the June ritual known as Summer Jam. Sponsored by Hot 97, it is basically a rite of passage for anyone that has anything on rotation on BET, and in the past few years, a place where “beefs” get started, or settled. So while this year was drama free, it still brought out the “whos who” of hip-hop celebs and our boy Berman Fenelus was up close and personal the entire time and managed to snap some exclusive images just for us (he’s so sweeet!).

Our collection features (in order of appearance): Asher Roth, Tracy Morgan (the host), Elephant Man, Mavado, Fabolous, Mary J Blige (w/Meth), Jeezy, Drake and Jay-Z.

See for yourself!

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