Facebook Widow: The Bitter Sweet Symphony

Image and video hosting by TinyPicHow many times have you checked your Facebook account today? Chances are you are probably logged in as you reading this, right? Well, a couple of weeks ago I found myself in a situation that most women would kill for.
My man, who swears his undying love for me, forgot to log out of his FB account. Now, like any inquisitive young woman would, I went straight for his inbox and needless to say I’m the newest member into the single women club.

In a nutshell, I couldn’t keep up with all the women who were being “entertained” by my then-boyfriend.

So after weeks, yes I said it, weeks of cursing and crying I’ve moved on BUT I still have this extremely nagging question on my mind, is cyber-sex cheating? I might need some clarification here.

You have to understand, in Kenya polygamy is illegal under constitutional law however under customary law, it is allowed. So most men are brought up believing they are the head of the household and having more than one woman/wife is OK. A load of BS I know, and any young woman in this day and age won’t even entertain the idea of a second wife in her house.

Still here’s my question, if your better half is having a cyber fling with someone across the world, is he cheating on you?

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