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FC Barcelona Wins But My Enthusiam Wanes

PhotobucketAs a current resident of Barcelona it is my duty to write about the recent win. FC Barcelona beat out Manchester United for the UFEA Championship League. The match ended in 2-0 with goals scored in the first half by Eto’o and Messi, two of Barca’s star footballers. The goals were beautiful in the sense the way the ball was put into position and how the players maneuvered the pelota into the net. Eto slipped his in diagonally passed the goalie setting it perfectly in the back far corner and Messi smacked his in off a fierce header set-up by Xavi. The Argentine has hops and they both got skillz. Team work, passion, talent– when it all comes together it’s magical.
So it’s clear that I have a little soft spot in my heart for sports in general and I know a little bit about football. I played it (soccer) for 11 years and I loved it. So you would think now living in Europe where football is king and the fact that my ‘’home’’ football club has won the bragging rights to say they are the best team in all of Europe I would be experiencing the ultimate sports enthusiast’s high. Well… I am, really. I pinky-swear. But after a few high-fives and a champagne toast with friends my excitement melted away into nothingness. I was happy for the team, its fans and its coach, Pep Guardiola– it was his first year on the job and the guy wins the Championship League title as well as the Spanish League title and the Spanish Cup title aka the ”Big 3”. Vaya! No pressure for next year, eh. However, people, the Lakers won. Aren’t you guys happy for your golden boy Gasol, at least? Guess not. Ok, so the Lakers haven’t won the title YET but I would bet if they do there will be no mini-parade or tribute for Pau here in Cataluna because everyone will still be consumed with Barca’s win.

When Barca won, the city erupted into a frenzy as fans left bars emptying out into the streets. People were dancing with their Barca banderas (flags) draped over their backs. Hootin’ and hollerin’ que Barca es el rey. El ganador. Es el mejor que todo Europa. (Barca is king. The winner. The best team in all of Europe.) Fireworks exploded in the night sky. Car horns honked incessantly throughout the evening and I swear I almost saw a few people topple out of car sunroofs as the driver sped through las calles (the street) with reckless abandon. I wanted to share in that senseless glee but it just wasn’t happening. The only alternative was to sip myself into a fuzzy vino-buzz and watch from afar the spectacle of revelers celebrate.


-Espana Fly

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