FOODIE: Salmon Eggs Benedict (at home)

Ladies, if you’re a foodie, you HAVE to go to Seattle. I’m on the West Coast for awhile hanging out with family and working, and I stopped by the birthplace of Starbucks for my nephew’s high school graduation. May I just say that Seattle’s seafood selection is… CRAZY! I went to the tourist-y Pike Market (y’know the market where the working throw the fish and yell out commands? It’s awesome, anyway) and was blown away by the sheer diversity of their seafood, from lobster to huge salmon. And the fruit? I dare say…I tasted the best nectarine of my life.

Anyway, while trying to appease my two two-year-old nephews, my two mommy sisters and I decided to make salmon eggs benedict at home. And instead of using smoked salmon, one sis whipped up a fillet on the grill, I made the Hollandaise sauce and my other sister taught me how to make poached eggs. Recipe after the jump!

The Fam’s Salmon Eggs Benedict…


1 pack of English Muffins, toasted (I used sourdough English muffins, they were tasty)
1 packet of Hollandaise Sauce
1 whole salmon fillet
2 tbsp of mojo sauce (mix olive oil garlic, parsley and lemon juice)
sprinkle of Adobo powder
3 or 4 sprigs of diced chives
garlic powder to-taste
lemon pepper to-taste
1 tbsp of butter cubed

sprinkle of olive oil
1/2 lemon, juiced


Clean salmon fillet with lemon juice, dry off, place fillet in foil- enough to cover entire fish

Sprinkle olive oil on fillet, cut 1 tbsp of butter into cubes and put on top of fillet

Cover with garlic sauce, chives, salt, lemon juice, lemon pepper and Adobo seasoning

Close foil over seasoned fillet and poke holes in foil

Set on the grill on medium heat for 30-40 mins depending on the thickness of the fillet. Thicker = longer, etc


Boil pot of water, add a small pour of apple cider vinegar into the water

Crack each egg into a cup, put aside

Once the water is boiling, pour the cupped egg into the water, the egg should float up, let cook until the egg is firm on the outside but runny on the inside, you’ll be able to tell the consistency with a spoon.

Remove egg from water when finished.


Cover each English Muffin with one layer of grilled salmon, place poached egg on top of salmon, drizzle Hollandaise sauce over egg. This is kinda what it should look like, ENJOY!

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