fuckery: DDNYC’s Jumbo Polo

For most people, two things that probably land in their list of “most annoying things” are 1) too many emails 2) realizing that half of the emails are bullshit. So while most companies send out releases on new wares with nice, drama free links to look-books, sites, and things we would consider rocking or buying, DoubleDown NYC loves to me emails that have been full of consistent fashion fails. The latest being their streetwear homage to the 80’s…notably the crack epidemic.

With an accompanying press release titled “Crack is Back (In Fashion)!”, DDNYC wants to take you back to the days of shell-tops, Cazals and furry Kangols with a polo shirt with a crack vial (complete with rocks) on the spot normally reserved for a little man on a horse. Polo-how original, Crack-how…not okay. Does the shirt come with an addiction, foreclosed house, stench-ridden clothes and 5-dolla blow-jobs in alleys? That is the crack most of us old enough to remember without the aid of movies and books know. After reading the release I jumped to another blog that stated that DDNYC was on some “Nino Brown shit”…and we are aspiring to rock mustard-yellow suits, fuck over your friends and die in courthouses now-that’s vintage!


To give Double Down credit, the shirts come with a “thought provoking hang-tag” [at left], but once removed (because you like, remove them), does it really mean anything? Are they expecting consumers to read it and wistfully recite their D.A.R.E. pledges? At least one of their main objectives—attention—has been met.
One could argue that the resurgence of Eighties based streetwear style is a less-than-inventive attempt by pubescent Adobe-lllustrator savvy designers to turn a quick profit built on irony and Jamel Shabbazz book swagger-jacking…and with good reason. Its easy, its cheap and a consumer waiting to buy. What it does not do is offer any progression in global urban culture and style. And quite frankly, most of the shit is gawdawful.
sorry, try again please.

ps. and you want me to spend $80? helltothanaw.

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