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Ibiza Overload

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photo taken near Cafe del Mar after a day spent at Aigua Blanco Beach

A weekend in Ibiza can be summed up with 3B`s – Booze, Beach, Booty Shaking. If you’re a single girl then add in a fourth B, which stands for Boys. The locals and families that vacation there might have a different point of view however the majority of girries (tourists), me included, that descend upon the island during the summer months are in search of adult fun – hedonistic and/or innocent.

I embarked on a 48-hour party marathon that began at 22:45 Friday night – the time my flight landed in Ibiza until the exhausting end at 23:30 Sunday when my return flight departed for home.

My Mission: To enjoy the company of friends and soak up all the delights the island is known for; stunning beaches, beautiful people and unforgettable parties.
Mission Status: Complete. The weekend was a soaring success minus a few malfunctions with the shoddy GPS that came along with the rent-a-car. Our Tomtom was on the skidz but with the help of old-school road maps and pure determination we managed to find our way to the most gorgeous hidden beach – Aigua Blanco, a hippie market that appeared like a mirage with vendors selling boho gear and accessories and El Ayoun- a deliciously hip Moroccan restaurant and bar.

Now that I have returned to reality and the land of working proletariats I realize that I did not pace myself as well as I thought I did or I am simply losing my edge. It has taken my body 96 hours to recover from the 48 hours of pleasure I subjected myself to. Just now are the puffy eyes deflating and the feeling of lethargy subsiding. The cat-naps while tanning on the beach just didn’t make up for what I missed out on while bailando until the wee hours of the morning at Pacha. How in the world people do this regularly is a mystery to me. A normal club in Barcelona stays open until 6 am and on an average night is packed to capacity. Ibiza is like a Barcelona Saturday night on crystal meth.

The physical effects of this weekend are a sad reminder that I can no longer hang like I once did. I reached my fiesta quota in Ibiza. For the next couple of weeks I will be laying low, giving my liver a chance to detox and getting to bed at a decent hour. 2 weeks should suffice. Anything longer would be criminal as it is summertime in BCN. Once a party girl, always a party girl even if she a little older and wiser party girl.

For a whirlwind weekend in Ibiza I suggest hitting these spots:


Aigua Blanco – a thin sandy strip nestled in a protected bay. The water is calm and shallow which makes it perfect for taking a dip to cool off from sunbathing. There is a rock island not too far from shore that you can swim out to if you are anxious for a little physical activity. This beach isn’t ‘’a scene’’ but that’s what makes it special. You´ll find a mixture of locals, hipsters that vacation regularly in Ibiza and a few families. To quench your thirst or satisfy hunger you can head to the one and only beach-side café.


Blue Marlin (www.bluemarlinibiza.com) –It’s an outdoor lounge. It’s a bar. It’s a restaurant. It’s a good time. Very much a scene, here you will find the monied beautiful people hanging out during the daytime hours improving their tans and/or having lunch. Reserve one of the beds or chaise lounges for the day and hang around until the early evening when the DJ amps up the tunes and the place gets jumping.


KM 5 (www.km5.com) – A an outdoor oasis lounge and restaurant with several bars and ample seating. Perfect place to begin your evening or if you are looking to have a chilled out night away from the Ibiza’s hard core club scene. Again, more beautiful people looking to see and be seen.

Café del Mar (www.cafedelmarmusic.com) – It’s like an institution just like Pacha. It’s a beach side café/bar that has been around since the 80’s. Go there or any other neighboring café that borders the rocky shore in the popular barrio of San Antonio. Sit down, chill out and watch the spectacular sunset while sipping on a cocktail.


El Ayoun (www.elayoun.com)– One of my favorite places to dine and dance. This Moroccan restaurant is a bit pricey but the plates of typical dishes like couscous and tajine are well worth it. The décor is divine. As soon as you pass through their antique wooden doors you are transported to Marrakesh. The interior is reminiscent of a real souk. Good soulful house is played at the bar that is accompanied with a little dance floor that fills up quickly. Rock the Kasbah!

-Espana Fly

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