ICYMI: Kanye West Goes Country on “The View”

Props to the boys at RR, Kanye traded wits with Barbara Wa-Wa & gets mildly checked by Sherri on today’s “The View.” As my girl Clover noted, listen to Kanye’s voice. He uses the black people “office” voice, you know when you take the base out and sound mock professional? What’d you think? Here’s a list of my (notentirelysober) tweet thoughts:

@killahills(aka Steels): settled in to watch the kanye interview…no one wants to think of Babs in bra & panties! ILL

@killahills(aka Steels): his voices is hella fake. what he didn’t say is that he stole cudi & hudson’s melodies…lol. i’m faded, forgive my honesty.

@killahills(aka Steels): “auto-tune” is a big thing in the urban community” – sez kanye. LMAO.

@killahills(aka Steels): ahhh, so he DOES shout out cudi & hudson. good job kanye. hi-five for being fair

@killahills(aka Steels): ill, kanye digs the fray? ugh. he’s fired

@killahills(aka Steels): when babs asks for a “rap” – whoopi’s face is priceless

@killahills(aka Steels): i do feel bad that kanye’s mom couldn’t see him on the view. that’s sad.

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