I’m Sayin’ with Chloé & Hills!: He’s Just Not That Into You

Hey ladies- this week on I’m Sayin Radio with Chloé and Hills! we talked about the film, He’s Just Not That Into You. Why? Because I was subjected to it on my flight from NYC to Seattle and offended by the lack of black folks, needy women and bullshit idea that all females do is run around trying to figure out WHY they can’t find a man. Is no one trying to build a career or fulfill their calling? (don’t worry, I learned my lesson on my flight from Seattle to LA and picked a thriller. Watching fine ass Clive Owen run around in The International was much better, anyway…) We nabbed up relationship extraordinaire, Blogxilla for the male perspective. Listen to the mayhem, “peen” jokes and please remember that while Blogxilla’s site is lovely, it’s not honestly NSFW. =0)

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