I’m Sayin’ with Chloé & Hills!: What Does Your Prince Look Like?

Hello ladies! It’s another edition of I’m Sayin Radio with Chloé and Hills! and this week we talked about Disney’s upcoming film, The Princess and The Frog, America’s first black cartoon princess. Oddly enough, the Frog Princess, Tiana, is brown but can’t get a brown man. What are YOUR thoughts about this color controversy? Is it fair to the kids? What does your ideal prince or princess look like? Jazmine got Aladin, Snow White got her Princess, Hell, Simba got Nala. Why can’t Tiana get Rashard Lewis or something…Sorry, that was a little bit of my fantasy just there. ANYWAY Listen to this week’s edition of I’m Sayin Radio with Chloé and Hills! below:

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