It’s “That Time” – Wanna Invite A Few Friends?

Having a baby? Congratulations!! Aside from onesies and names, have you given much thought to what it’s actually like to have a kid? Never fear – just go to YouTube. Apparently, as a way to educate other women and families about the reality of childbirth, couples are recording and posting their births online – and generating a gaga of hits in the process. One woman garnered over 3 million views so far. So what’s the fuss? Well, since homebirths have gone from the norm to a novelty, many of us first-timers can’t really say that we have seen a birth outside of the Discovery Channel or TLC – and even they censor more than YT.

Considering the way that the internet has given society another medium of expression and information exchange, [this for example], is this too much or just what the doctor should have ordered? Since most hospitals won’t allow too many people in the delivery room, are these women doing other first-time couples/moms a favor by giving a real deal look? I’m on the fence, I appreciate the view but after looking at one vid I’m kinda scared to death. I was privy to witness only one birth and found myself spacing out only to snap back into reality and witness the afterbirth—which is basically the best method of birth control ever, save for Saturdays at the Brooklyn/Harlem Pathmarks.

While I don’t see many women of color on any of these vids, there is nothing that brings us together as just women like childbirth so I make no assumptions that there is a difference. I know we have some fab Parlour mommies out there—any plans to vid soon?

Lights, Camera, Contraction!

And NYTIMES, why the hell is this in the Style Section?

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  • mellowyellow

    Someone taped my mother giving birth to my sister, and my dad took frame by frame photos of my birth…you could make a flip book. Both of my mothers deliveries were natural births with a midwife. If I have kids I don’t think I will tape it, …but I have to do a natural birth, my mom would never let me live it down if I did not.

  • the 1st time i saw a childbirth video was in a junior high school health class. they ordered all the boys out, told us this is what happens when you have sex and the screaming began (from both the video and the girls in the class) i was thoroughly disgusted and vowed to adopt. Fast forward 20 years and 2 kids later, and i loooove me some childbirth videos…i pant along with them and cry when the baby is born. i think they are a great way for new moms (and dads) to learn and prepare for the big day. i wish i taped my births. for me to relive the day and share with a select few friends and family who weren’t there.