Jimmy Choo Comes to H&M, Steels Misses the Bag Days

Hm, technically I should be excited but as Fashionista says, Choo and it’s company head, Tamara Mellon, is more well known for accesories than clothes – which what the fashion house is designing for H&M. Men get the frugal clothing line make-over too. But still, I have to say the whole thing sounds like going to Coach for an outfit, instead of a purse. I’d have to say no…How about you?
Are you excited about Jimmy invading H&M?
And while we’re on the subject of accesories, I think I’m falling out of love with purses. I know, it hurts as much for me to type that phrase as it does to for you to read it. What happened to me as a die-hard bag fan that’s made me look in Bloomies or Bergdorf’s and see…nothing of interest?
Well, I think it’s a combination of being part of America “in transition” (read: laid off/hustling and saving every penny I can, I see you Vovo) and the general lack of excitement in bag designs these days. Sigh, it’s so bad that when I look at Marc Jacobs purses, I just want his watch instead! I don’t even wear watches! (And we’ll save my designer obsession with Marc-e Marc for another day…)

Are you falling out of love with your fave fashion bit ladies, or am I just having a crisis of fashion faith? Be honest, I need your advice. This is serious.

Missing the beautiful bag days,

Steels Magnolia

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