Kenyan Kulture: Down With Video Vixens!

Above: Kenyan group, Kleptomaniax

Before you get ahead of yourself this is not a campaign against all the double D’s, no waist, perfect hips women who parade themselves through music videos on your television screens. However, I might soon start a campaign called “Death Be to Music Videos,” especially hip-hop videos. Kenyan culture is changing by the day especially among the younger generation, including the type of music we are listening to and the lifestyle we are living.

Now change is not always a good thing. Kenyan society has generally been very conservative when it comes to the language being used. Now I can barely go a day without hearing someone cursing their tongue out, or watching a new music video with pretty young girls trying to hard to mimic what they saw on MTVBase in a 50 cent video.

I’m generally a pleasant girl but when a brother thinks he can get my attention by calling me a ‘fly ass b*#@h,’ I might be tempted to bite his head off. Adding insult to injury, the guy’s pants are sagging to his knees in a t-shirt three times his size while the women are dressed in what look like handkerchiefs.


Before the whole dress revolution if I can call it that, knee length outfits were the furthest one would dare go during the day time, or else you would be stripped in public by irate youth.

I just wish we were forging our path in terms of our dressing instead of trying to keep up with the latest trends coming from America.

Who knows, maybe I will start rapping and have semi-naked men washing down cars and looking all dumb while they swim in a pool of my money


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