Make Love, Not Bombs—Really!

“BAGHDAD — It goes like this: Boy meets girl. They exchange glances and text messages, the limit of respectable courting here. Then boy asks girl’s father for her hand. Dad turns him down. Boy goes to girl’s house and plants a bomb out front.”

So goes the opening lines of a recent New York Times Article that focuses on the increasing trend of spurned lovers/suitors turning to I.E.D.’s, or “improvised explosive devices” to vent over being turned down by a chick. Apparently some Iraqi guys just figure that they will blow you and your family up if they can’t have a chance. According to the report, over 6 bombs have exploded in the city in the past year and with a good surplus of single men that all have militia training and some anger issues (never-ending war will do that to you), they fear that these cases will be on the rise.

Reading this made me remember an experience that I am sure many women have endured. In my early-early twenties I was still chasing the townhouse-husband-luxury sedan dream (my how we change), living in DC and doing the nightclub thing. During one after-the-club-is-the-parking-lot session, I was approached by a job that most women would consider “looks good on paper”, ie. good job, nice clothes, nice teeth….but his personality was a no-go for me. Never one to embarrass, I simply told him that I thought he was great but I wasn’t interested in dating. He pressed on, I repeated myself. He pressed again, his boy was ready to go so I said goodnight to them both and turned to walk away. I’m 2 steps away from the whip when I hear “I’m just too much for that dumb bitch.” Wow. A minute ago you were ready to give me a ring and now I’m just  a dumb bitch? Oh I REALLY like you now.

While i’m sure that this guy probably wasn’t gonna try to stalk and then plant a bomb in front of my door, there are plenty of men, and women who don’t handle rejection well. Is the trick in the “let-down”? Or does a hard “no” just add fuel to the fire? What’s the worst/best let down you’ve ever given? I’m sure you’ve learned from your adventures in dating—until then let’s pray for the girls of Iraq and their jilted suitors.

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