News Bites: 6.1.09

As recently expected, General Motors has filled for bankruptcy, leaving behind some legacy.  Think of all the songs inspired by G.M. “It’s My Cadillac!!” Sniff, sniff. Word on the street is, Ford’s looking to prosper on the back of GM’s demise. {NYT}{WSJ}

An Air France plane flying from Brazil to Paris is missing.  How do you lose a plane?  I don’t know, but flying over the Atlantic, the aircraft ran into a storm and then it was gone. {WashPo}

At the MTV Movie Awards, Sacha Cohen flew into the show as Bruno and landed spread eagle on Eminem in a jock strap.  Em was pissed and stormed out.  But you know what, in like ’99, that’s exactly the type of prank Em would have pulled. {TheyBF}

I am in love with Andy Samberg. {E!}

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