News Bites: Becks is hung, Krispy Kreme needs a Bailout, and Mos Wants to Battle

David Beckham and his giant rope are all over Selfridges in London. {T}

Mos Def wants to battle Jay-Z, Kanye & Co. We already love The Ecstatic, but can do without the theatricals Dante. {ONTD}

Sure, we love Beyonce, Aretha, and Whitney. But have they ever been crowned the Best Singer in the World like Ekaterina Shcherbachenko? {BBC}

Is it bad that I am more concerned with the possibility of losing Krispy Kreme than I am with GM? {HP}

While we are busy fighting for marriage equality here in the states, people in the Philippines just want to get divorced. {PI}

Iran’s newly relected President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad must first face a wave of protest before getting to work. {NYT}

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