News Bites: Glastonbury, Tea Spillin’ About Mike, Bernie Gets Time & WTF Honduras?

Dizzee @ Glastonbury over the weekend

Just in case you were wondering how the Glastonbury festival was…here is a blow-by-blow. {Guardian}

Let the “I worked with Michael Jackson and i’m about to spill the tea” news begin. First up…The Nanny! {Times UK}

Ooooh! Bernie Madoff is getting sentenced today…all of lower Manhattan will be on edge. {R}

President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras….isn’t anymore. {NYT}

The European Union is demanding the release of the staff of the Iranian British embassy that were detained over the weekend due to post-election protests. {BBC}

Ahhh, what a weekend? It started with the mess of MJ leaving us, but for many of us, we danced through the pain….”Get On The Floor” was in CONSTANT rotation in the J.Baker household! What were you rocking this weekend? btw, don’t get me started on the BET Awards last night. Two words = Eddie Levert.

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