News Bites: Jill Scott a Single Mother?, Obama Speaks on Iran, Perez = SMH, Neda Breakdown

As usual, Essence’s Kenya is in the biz: Jilly’s got a new baby, Jett, but ditched the fiancé/baby daddy. This makes me sad for her, raising a baby is hard work. [Essence]
US President Obama calmly speaks up about Iran’s treatment of its protesters. [LAT]
Seems like Neda, Iran’s martyr-like victim, was pretty normal. [CNN]
Perez calls a “faggot” though he’s gay himself, Perez is surprised when he’s beaten by a willy entourage member a bystander, both issue a statements.  I giggle. Background info. [G]

Get fat! You’ll live longer than that skinny heffer next to you! [Reuters]

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