News Bites: UK PM Gordon’s Out? Obama in S.A., N. Korea, Dr-ihanna Gate

Looks like the Labour opposition in the UK want Gordon OUT [G]

Another story about how crazy *waves hands* N. Korea’s Kim Jong-il is…he eats live fish? Meanwhile, N. Korea is supposedly assembling another missile. [AFP] [T]

Juelz Santana’s scarf game is great and he might be able to help your bf. [SL]

After US President Obama’s NBC special, with it’s sordid musical selection, he arrives in the Middle East. [LAT]

Dr-ihanna Gate!: So MC Drake and Rihanna have been “hanging out” but remember “Bria’s Interlude”? Well, she’s a real and angry ex-girlfriend these days…who’s sending snarky tweets & quoting Lauryn Hill’s jilted Miseducation lyrics. Meanwhile, Drake’s giggling & cheesing when asked about whether he’s replacing Chris Brown in RiRi’s love life…and of course, him saying this took place in the UK, where he flew expressly after his NYC show to BE WITH RIRI. Thoughts? [MI]

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