NewsBites: Egypt Gets Worked Over, Peter Hugs It Out and When Flat Irons Attack

Is it ok that I feel SUPERBAD for Peter Andre after seeing these pictures of him crying with his mamma? I guess if I were married to Katie Price I might cry too. {DListed}

At the Confederations cup in South Africa, some members of the Egyptian national football (soccer) team reportedly decided to celebrate their historic win against Italy with some “working girls”, too bad those broads worked over their wallets instead. {Goal}

Post-election Iran is still in turmoil after protests have started to turn deadly. The Revolutionary Guard is now threatening intervention if protests continue. {G}

The Menswear 2010 season has officially begun! This means it’s time to find your favorite looks that your favorite guy SHOULD be wearing and start sending not-so-subtle emails. {NYT}

Have a flat-iron in your home? You are such a bad mother. {TimesUK}

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