NewsBites: Iranians Stand Up, British Expenses Revealed, and A Not So Fresh Prince

I am pretty sure that Iraninan “President” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had a long talk with Robert Nugabe of Zimbabwe before last week’s sketchy elections. Fortunately, the people of Iran are not having it. {NYT}

In efforts to ease tension in British Parliament and, well everyone else, The Commons decided to release scans of every expense claim that every MP has submitted over the past four years. Too bad most of them are blacked out….I love how someone claimed lasagna. I loooove lasagna. {G}

Hillary Clinton has a booboo. {LAT}

Sooo, in Nigeria, a Ukrainian plane carrying crates of weapons  has been detained after making an emergency landing there. They were originally destined for Equatorial Guinea. This is only after a few months after a failed coup took place…coincidence, we think not. {BBC}

Remember the original mom from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Well Aunt Viv, aka Janet Hubert is back with a freshly penned memoir about her experience…and it seems that Will Smith wasn’t that royal. {BV}

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