Next Up On The New Chitlin’ Circuit: Tiny & Toya

So while flipping channels last night, I came across a commercial that nearly made me choke on my veggies – the Tiny & Toya reality series on BET. Normally I wouldn’t flinch at anything this ghettastic…after all it is BET. But really? Initially I was like “oh hell naw” but then I took some time to look at the official site for this show that features some of the best spin copywriting ever, for example:
Set in the heart of Atlanta, against the backdrop of the multi-billion dollar music industry, TINY & TOYA follows the journey of two best friends overcoming their struggles to discover who they really are, from the inside out. They are tired of being defined by others (in the shadow of their high-profile men) and are determined to rely on each other and the strength from within to find their purpose and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Each episode will give the audience an inside look into Tiny and Toya’s lives. They take us on an exciting rollercoaster ride in search of independence and a quest to set the record straight. We watch them flip the script and create new business ventures of their own. They will be faced with real choices that will potentially change their lives and the lives of those around them forever. We learn why this magnetic and mesmerizing duo won the hearts of T.I. and Lil’ Wayne, as they win over ours.

I’ve always rode for Tiny in some respects – her man is arguably one of the biggest hip-hop celebs in the world, is a regular prison jumpsuit model and through all the kids, parties, groupies, etc she has managed to constantly keep a Louis bag on her arm (I am convinced she uses Bag, Borrow or Steal) and a smile on her face. After all, she was the celeb before he was and she is still collecting writing and royalty checks here and there. She may not always look the part, but I guess T.I. loves it. But Toya? Ok, you are Little Wayne’s ex-wife…and that is where my thought train ends. Seriously? Just give the show to Tiny.

I for one am truly amazed and curious to witness this “self-discovery” by both women. It seems that the season was shot during T.I.’s fed case so that may make for good drama. If not, I will be satisfied with hood debauchery, the parade of tattoos, “yeeaaaah guurls”,  and shopping trips—all the stuff folks will really want to see anyway.

Hopefully after this we can see a reality show about reality. I vote for 3 girls who founded and run a lifestyle blogsite and are managing to freelance/hustle in their respective industries, remain fly and pay the bills…but that is just a thought.

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