O RLY? Umm OK…

Possibly spurred to action after watching his former teammate and frienemy Kobe Bryant win the NBA Title without him, Shaquille O’Neal has consented to a trade to Cleveland where he will play alongside Lebron James.

In return, the Suns get Ben Wallace (who I seem to remember talking about retirement after this season), Sasha Pavlovic and some cash. Seems like alot for someone who is turning into more name than game as the twilight of his career approaches. In case no one else noticed, the Suns were the top team in the west when he got to the there. This year? Lottery. Not saying it’s all on Shaq, but I am saying he’s obviously not the same game changer he was earlier in his career.

He’s 37, and while many big men can play into their early 40’s, this guy has looked suspect since the 2005/2006 season. I’m sure this is supposed to be an answer to Dwight Howard-but really, how is this going to work out?

Is it shaping up to be a one and done season? A one year window of opportunity to get out of the Eastern Conference Finals alive? Both James and O’Neal only have a year left on their contracts. The rumor since forever (or the wet dream of mentally exhausted and delusional Knick fans-pick one) has been that after his contract in Cleveland up, Lebron James would don the blue and orange of the Knicks. Excuse me while I laugh my ass off. Who in their right mind? Yeah.

Either way-alot of things have to go right in order for this deal to work out for the best. Namely-they need to stay healthy, and O’Neal needs to play better than he has in a long time.

Of course the basketball fanatics are walking around super excited about this. I don’t think it’s going to be as fantastic as it’s being made out to be, but then again, it will certainly be entertaining. The best dancers in the NBA are on the same team.


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