(obligatory) Mariah Carey’s “Obessed” + Lupe’s “Shining Down”


Click here to listen to MC’s “Obessed”. You Likey? I don’t really. I’d rather listen to this. And honestly, I’m not feeling her hair in this picture either. Boo. Do better Mariah.

+ Lupe’s “Shining Down” which leaked last night and got Lupe pretty pissed. Grr. It’s true though, as his rant said, he might’ve gone plat with “Food & Liquor” if his work wasn’t leaked about one month before hand. Once upon a time, Lupe had the same amount of buzz as Drake. Well, he wasn’t dating a pop star like Rihanna, so I guess Drake still has him beat on that end…On his new album, Lupe sez:

“the album is fucking ridiculous. I don’t like to brag or shit like that but the album is sooooo fucking crazy at this point 95% done. and its all balls to the wall fire. I have the experience and the freedom now to make what i think will be the best received album of my career.”

Thx Vonnie and NR!

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