Parlour Exclusive: Anthony Hamilton

Parlour had the chance to sit down with the award-winning crooner after we sent our recent contest winner, Ebonie, to enjoy the show. Check out what Mr. Hamilton had to say about going country, winning Grammys and rocking crutches and look for Ms. Ebonie’s show recap a little later today!

Parlour: So how are you feeling the week after your first headlining tour at New York’s Madison Square Garden?
Anthony Hamilton: That’s alright right there, I’m growing up. I’m healthy, though I’m crutches right now, but I’m healthy. At my LA show, I pulled something in my left knee, but that hasn’t stopped me yet. Being 38 years old, I can’t jump as high as I used to and land as soft, both figuratively and literally. But, this right leg has been good to me.

P: We’re glad that you’ve kept the party going, even on crutches! What can fans expect from your upcoming performances?
AH: Just expect for me to do and give my extreme best, without compromising anything. I’m going to give the people want they want. We’re going to boogie, we going to go to church!

P: Are you going to record a new album after this tour, or rest?

AH: I may start recording. I’ve already started working on a Blues record, so my next album will either be a Blues or an R&B album. James Poyser, Mark Batson will work with me on the Blues record, along with Kelvin Wooten, who wrote my song, “Pass Me Over.” Kelvin’s done alot with folks like Raphael Saadiq, Mary J Blige and Chrisette Michele. I might even do a country record.

P: Country? Oh, you’re going to go all Ray Charles on us?
AH: I’ve always been there, I grew up around country music. I’ve always wanted to do a country record and be able to express my lyrics in that style.

P: Think your record label, Jive, will be excited to hear this news?
AH: They better put that record out and collect that money! They know if I do it, I’ll do it the right way. It’s music, but it’s still a business. I can get away with having seven songs that I love and giving them four that they love. Compromise, you have to do it, in relationships and in business.

P: Any country songs you’ll be drawing inspiration from?
Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler”, “Carolina On My Mind” by James Taylor. I’ve already done a record with Josh Turner called “Nowhere Fast” and we’ll probably put out else something together.

P: Are you going to work with Jermaine Dupri on your next album?
AH: Yes, we always work together. We’re on the per-basis, meaning when it comes up, we work together.

P: Have music business folks treated you any differently since your Grammy win for your participation on Al Green’s Lay It Down LP?
AH: Well, it’s opened me up to just having good opportunities and crossing over. I’m able to work with people like Randy Jackson, who put me on a song with John Rich from the country group, Big & Rich. People like veteran song-writer Diane Warren believe in my talent and have that clout and are able to open doors for me. Plus, I get to see people at the Grammy’s in nice outfits. *laughs*

P: Reflecting on your career thus far, would you change anything?
I’ve learned that if you give people honest product, if you just be yourself and enjoy it and allow the beauty to flow, people will want to work with you. I like how my career’s gone, I wouldn’t rush it. I got a chance to grow up and mature. I didn’t have to do all the drugs and sleep with all the people.

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