Parlour Live!: When Ebone Met Anthony

Ebone was the winner of our contest and  lucky recipient of two tickets to see Anthony Hamilton, as well as a chance to parlay backstage. Congratulations! If you want to get a chance to experience the Parlour life, become a Parlourista today!

Anthony Hamilton’s concert was an amazing, unforgettable experience; I heard orgasmic reactions behind my friend Kisha and I, watched an over-the-top attention seeker in front of us, and noticed one very excited mother, Mrs. Hamilton, two seats down from us (yes, our seats were that amazing, Parlour outdid themselves), singing, clapping, and shouting like a fan (aw!).

Up first was the beautiful Chrisette Michele, working her soulful voice and putting us all in a grown and sexy mood. Next came Musiq with his all-girl band—HOTNESS!—tossing out teddy bears and roses to the women.

Everyone was groovin’ in their seats and singing along. Then finally came… Anthony Hamilton.

Mr. Hamilton is the man! No, seriously— he is THE man. He hopped out, center stage prepared with his chair, tambourine, towels, cane—wait! Cane?! Yes, Anthony had a cane, and not for the look (though it did look good with his jacket, bowtie, oversized glasses, and newspaper fedora). He pulled a ligament in his knee while in LA. He didn’t say how, but judging by his very physical performance, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was from similar exertions. Anthony should’ve been laying around at home keeping his knee elevated, but like he said, “How many of y’all get sick and still gotta go to work?” We all shouted in agreement, “Well, so do I!” At one point Hamilton pointed out his doctor in the audience, who must’ve been concerned, “I’m trying to keep it elevated… but I’m gettin’ it.”

Even with the busted knee, he gave us his best, and our energy matched his. We were fired up as he welcomed 12 women to the stage to dance with him (they were gettin’ it!), and he came down to walk the aisles as he took us all to church (southern Baptist church, not Roman Catholic). By the end of the show people were in the aisles dancing with their friends or neighbors, they made their way to the front of the stage, bypassing those of us with the good seats (security?), and got down like it was a house party. I’m surprised there were no panties thrown onstage!

After the show, Kisha and I went to the meet and greet (again, Parlour, you truly outdid yourselves) where we actually got to meet Anthony. In he hopped on his crutches, sporting a fresh set of clothes and smelling good and just like a professional, Anthony smiled, shook hands, gave out hugs, took pictures and shared laughs. His voice was organic, smoky, warm, and strong. He looked genuinely glad to see people, and not exhausted from his performance, or bothered by his probably throbbing knee. He’s a very down-to-earth man with an out-of-this-world talent, and I’m glad I got to experience some of his southern hospitality.


Anthony Hamilton’s remaining tour dates:

June 25                Atlanta                          Fox Theatre

June 26                Augusta, GA                Bell Auditorium

June 27                Birmingham, AL         BJCC Concert Hall

June 28               Charlotte, NC               Ovens Auditorium

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