…Says The Single Girl: I’d Cheat On My Husband

No marriage is perfect yet whenever we hear of infidelity we automatically assume that it is the man that is stepping out. It’s almost as if it’s acceptable.
“Oh, he cheated. That dog. Please pass the salt.”
But let it be a woman who cheats on her husband and she becomes lower than dirt. How dare she cheat…on a man. Women don’t cheat, they get cheated on.
Well, let me be the first to say that if I ever get married and my husband isn’t laying it down right, I would cheat on him. I’ve long joked about this with friends but I’m kinda serious about it.

There are many reasons why people cheat and I’m not about to go into all of them, however I will tell you why I would cheat on my husband: Wack sex.

It seems like the longer you are married the less sex you have. I love sex, good sex and if my marriage was reduced to twice a month or lets skips a couple months completely…I am finding me a “lover.” I just love saying that word, “I have a lover.” I imagine he’s be exotic, smooth like Billie Dee Williams in Mahogany and cool enough to know that he is serving one need only. I don’t want the attention, to be wined and dinned. I just want sex and lots of it.

Of course, I’d give my husband an opportunity to make things better, but I have no patience and I’m sure with my cunning skills and power of manipulation I’d be able to sneak some ass on the side right in front of his face.

I know, you are shaking you head and calling me all kinds of “bitches” and whore”s but so what. It’s my marriage and no where in the bible does it say that a man and wife are only supposed to sleep with each other. And if it does say that, I haven’t seen it.

Cheating isn’t a big deal to me. I’ve been cheated on and been the cheater. I believe that cheating allows for a reality check. If you are just boy/girlfriend and one of you cheats, you should take the time to ask yourself:

1 – Why did I cheat?

2 – What is my partner not giving me that I’m seeking it elsewhere?

3 – What do I do now?

Take it from me; if you’ve been cheated on and confronted the person who betrayed you, chances are they aren’t sorry they cheated. They’re sorry they got caught. Most times when people cheat instantly they know, “That was a waste of my time. I’m much happier with what I got at home.” Then there are those who have to really think about whether they should end their relationship and continue to sow their wild oats (I never understood that saying by the way).

My girlfriends love to stone me when I start talking about how it’s not the end of the world if my boyfriend cheats but my marriage is over if my husband cheats. (Yes, I know I’m a ball of contradiction.)

If a boyfriend cheats, I would ask him to assess our relationship and decide whether we should really take it to the next level or part ways.

If a husband cheats, unless we have children the marriage is over! Why, because he made a verbal and legally binding promise to me.

When you aren’t married and in a relationship, that is purely voluntary. When you are married that is a commitment, sometimes you want to be there, sometimes you don’t. However, you vowed to be there so you have to make it last.

If you know me by now, you should know that I’m very dramatic. I don’t think I would really cheat on my husband for the same reasons why I wouldn’t want him to cheat on me. I do see marriage as being scared.

Now cheating on a boyfriend…been there, done that, might do it again.

…Says The Single Girl

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