Slumping Sportie

I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve been slumping over here. Between Manny Ramirez being suspended and Rodney Harrison retiring, I’ve been feeling all manner of Sportie blues.
I should be happy-the Yankees are in first place (at the time of this writing), I had a happy birthday, and I’ve even been hanging out with my friends while they watch basketball. I just don’t feel it.


There have been some interesting stories that I normally would have written volumes about. Instead, I read them and sigh. No Manny, No Harrison-so what.

Here’s what. I’m missing baseball season. I didn’t even get that sunshiny feeling reading about the Jets OTAs. I didn’t get upset over Leon Washington and his ridiculous contract demands, I even found myself not booing when A-Fraud is at the plate. I didn’t watch any parts of the French Open and find myself getting pissed off over commentators saying the wrong things and calling black players by their first names only.

A mess I tell you. I’ve never seen myself like this before. It’s like I went into a 50 game suspension/semi-retirement with my two favorite guys. I tell you what though. NO MORE.

I’m determined to snap out of it. Immediately if not sooner. I don’t feel like myself even though there are some signs of life, however small.

I watched the Yankees game and paid attention. I’m planning on watching basketball (game 4). I even watched some track and field looking for fellow Howard Alum David Oliver.

It’s coming, slowly but surely. The thing about sports is, once it gets into you, it’s nearly impossible to get it out, so I’m counting on it. I’ll find my mojo again, and judging by my catch up reading, I’ll find it way before David Ortiz finds his swing. Yeah, this is just a slump. There’s too much left in the tank to just let it all die because of the actions of others. Besides. Who’ll be there to talk s*it about Brett Favre when he tries to come back and ruin yet another team?

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