The HTC Hero…Bye Bye iPhone?

They say that everything happens for a reason…so when I finally made the decision to trade-in my Blackberry Bold for an iPhone 3gs AND found out that my contract was up so I didn’t have to pay extra for it, I was amped. And then I went on the internet.-Damm you internet.

This beauty to your left is the Hero phone from HTC and from what I have found, is the ultimate challenger to the reign on the iPhone:

“Three years in the making, HTC’s Hero notably adds HTC Sense, the first fully customized version of Google’s Android mobile phone operation system. It’s a setup that packages powerful capabilities in a distinct design, which alone makes for some impressive competition to the smart phone market.

Featuring an angled bottom and beveled edges, the Hero’s contours fit nicely in one hand, offering comfortable access to main navigation buttons with just a thumb. The shape also positions the mouthpiece closer to the mouth when held to the ear. An anti-fingerprint coating prevents screen smudges and the white version includes an industry-first Teflon coating, resulting in a durable white surface that’s soft to the touch. For added functionality, the design incorporates a trackball in addition to the touch screen.”

Its soooo pretty. Oy vey. What do I do? The Hero won’t even be available until later on this year!

Read and watch more about it over at Cool Hunting.

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