“True Blood” Recap: “It’s Just a TV Show”

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Why did I pick this post’s title you ask? Because it’s what my cousin’s wife and I kept saying during the first episode of “True Blood” season two: “It’s a TV show”. That explains why:

…Souke’s yellow bucket car is EXTRA shiny even though we’re in the muddy Bayou.

…her bruised eye looks like a mismash of bad eyeshadow.

…Lafeyette seems to have been in that dungeon for days without food, though if Ms. Janette just died during the night, and we found her body the same night, which is also the night that Lafeyette was kidnapped…he should’ve only been down there for like three hours. Why the crusty lips and starvation face? You’ve only missed dinner homie.

…the weird “social worker”/godess/animal whisper brunette who’s taking care of Tara ALWAYS has an “endless supply of tropical fruit” along with both Thanksgiving AND Christmas dinner perpetually in her dining room. Where’s all this perfect looking food coming from?

So what’d I think of the show? A few points:

-Why is Sookie still questioning Bill’s moves as a vampire, ie.turning the annoying teen into a vamp. Sookie, read this carefully: You’re dating a vampire, he’s going to do vampire things. Uncle Bartlett molested you, good riddance.

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-“My ass is magnetic now” (c) imprisoned “Red Neck” = LOL

-What’s up with Frank Sabotka (c) “The Wire” being drunk all the time?

-I hate the gregarious wig of the girl offering her vagina to Jason in the bar, after he’s found the light of God. Ugh.

-What’s the deal with the black guy from “Desperate Housewives” trying to impregnate Tara? What’s the “social worker” want with their sexual relationship? (I think she had something to do with Ms. Janette’s death…)

-Bill’s “slatern” (?) slang, when he was trying to say”slut” but didn’t know the new-age terminology. LOL

-Bill saying to Sookie: “For all the ways that I have dismayed, aggrieved or failed you, I swear I will atone. I refuse to apologize for what you have awakened in me.” To me, this is wild romantic novel/telenovella. LOL. Is it just me?

-Erik getting his hair high-lighted with foil and a beauty shop smock. LOL.

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-Jason sleeps with the televangelist’s wife.

-Vampire teen eating her sister and her dad, and it’s Sookie’s fault for driving her over to the house.

-Lafeyette doesn’t become a vampire. (this one is really more of a hope…)

What’d YOU think?

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  • 1) was it me or the sex scene at the end kinda great – but disturbing at the same time?

    2) lafeyette HAS to live, he is the only reason 65% of us watch.

    3) who in the hell gives away $11K? Steely, at this point, i would sell YOU for 11K.


  • finkies

    for the record, layfayette has been missing for more like 2 weeks… something they mentioned at the end of last season…

    and i feel like a dork for knowing this, and having read all the books, but it is what it is. this show is my guilty pleasure!

  • I’m pretty sure Lafayette will become a vampire. I don’t mind, so long as he’s still there.

    Jason annoys me so much because he’s dumb as rocks.

    Even though the exorcism was a fraud, I still think Tara could have kept that info from her mother who is batshit crazy. Even though she’s not the mother Tara wants her to be, she’s better now than she was when she thought she had that demon inside of her.

    Homeboy who turns into the dog needs to get over being mad at Sookie. Talk about sore loser. Besides, didn’t you used to stalk me when you were a dog?

  • 1. ms. jeanette was just found. we don’t know how long she’s been dead or how long lafayette’s been gone. tara had mentioned that he had a history of dipping off for weeks, even months at a time when sookie complained that he was needed in the kitchen. all of that aside, the crusty lips were a bit much, lol.

    2. carl is the one preparing the food with the social worker’s ill-gotten gains. the same carl that got slapped DOWN for bringing extra towels. i think he’s her ghoul (vampire in brooklyn reference).

    3. black dude is to tara what sexy redhead lawyer sister was to keanu in the devil’s advocate. seduction into the life of sin.

    4. lafayette as a vampire would be cool but whatever happens to him, he has to stay on the show. he’s the audience favorite.

    5. besides the most obvious reason, sookie gave away the money because she doesn’t need it. look at her wardrobe. she already has a house and car and access to food from the bar. chick got it made! lol.

    yes, it is just a show but is it awesome! i am an admitted stan but not to the extent that i ordered a six-pack of true blood or watch the show wearing fangs. that would be so gauche. lol

    p.s. bill’s promise of atonement was wildly romantic. and the sex scene was hot. i believe it inspired my bf later that night. good for me, lol.

  • SingleStatus

    I LOVE True Blood!!! I was thinkin’ the same thing about all the fruit though. Where does it come from? It’s like a twisted Garden of Eden in her house. (Aaahhh, perhaps an allusion.)

    I also want to know WHY the Voodoo lady was killed and what exactly they’re going to do to Lafayette. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  • Oops…forgot to leave my URL on my post.

  • kia, i disagree. i’m happy tara told her mother that the exorcism was a fake. looking outside yourself for salvation usually ends in disappointment. the woman needed to believe in something to give her strength and that’s what she got. tara’s mistake was not believing that her mother could change.

  • *munching on popcorn*
    all jokes aside, do you think Erik uses Feria or Nice & Easy?

  • despite his hip appearnce, he keeps it retro and uses ms. clairol.


  • lol. my bf said that eric got the original batch of madame c.j. walker hair dye.

  • It’s so good to see fellow True Blooders on the site! I think Erik’s hair dying scene was such a classic touch. It’s that mix of randomness that I love about this show. But I want to know what’s up with the social worker chick? Is she a shape shifter? An animal energy stealer (remember the scene with the pig in Season 1)? What does she want from old boy and why does she want Tara to hook up with the tall black dude so much? Maybe he’s not even real, but something that she created?

    Re: Lafayette, my all time favorite character on the show–it would be dope if he escapes and does not become a vampire, but somewhere along the line, Soukie is going to be faced to make a decision btwn her love for Bill and her human friends/ family members. Will Jason ever pay for getting high from the blood of vampires or is he safe b/c he never killed them?

    Oh wee…. this is going to be a good season.

  • Nika

    LMAO!!! I agree with u on all accounts but Lafayette has been missing for 2 weeks now. I do think MaryAnn is a witch or something cuz 1st she was naked in the middle of the road with a pig which made Tara crash and why is she always trying to push dude up on Tara? But it was funny how she b*tch slapped her made for interfering by offering towels.
    Hands down Lafayette is my favorite character. Sookie is a lil annoying with her expectations of Bill after all he can’t undo being a vampire. But anywho can’t wait to c how this season on folds :-)))))