“True Blood” Recap: Lafayette, a Vampire? It’s On!

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Last week’s post on “True Blood”received so many responses, that…well…we have to keep this going.  And I don’t know about you, but by the end, I was ready to fast forward to next Sunday to see what was going to happen next. Here are a few thoughts. **SPOILER ALERT** Let the predictions begin!

* I called it last week.  Jason’s involvement with last season’s vampire’s death is going to come back to haunt both him AND Sookie. By the end of the season, she is going to be forced to make a choice between Bill and Jason.  After Lafayette’s confession,  I think I’m right.  You heard it here first.

* The freaks on this retreat are borderline hilarious!  They’re all wearing Polo’s or checkered button down shirts buttoned to the top.  And the singing on the bus..the dancing at the Jessica Simpson-like performance was just classic.  And why was the name of her song “Jesus Asked Me Out Today?”

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* * What’s up with the freak in the dressing room, trying to get it on with Bill? Nothing like a cold, pale penis…I guess!

* What what what is Maryann? Taking any suggestions. Is she the devil? After hearing that voice from Sookie’s thoughts, I am not quite sure. The entire time, I’m thinking she knew that Sookie was reading her thoughts and that they were just playing this wicked game of mind fu**ing.

* In one night, she has everyone dancing and grinding on each other–orgy style in the bar?  Interesting that she apparently has been in this town for a while (remember Season 1 when the lady at the jail knew her when Tara got locked up?), but she’s just now managing to wreak havoc. Perhaps it was SHE who was responsible for Miss. Jeanette’s death. It’s funny how no one knew who Miss Jeanette was even though she had a job at the local CVS. I think she was a Maryann creation….just like the dude from “Desperate Housewives.”  (you heard it here first!)

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* Too bad we already knew that Lafayette was going to fail at his attempt to get away after watching the previews from last week. I love how he talked his way into becoming a vampire. “Give me what ya’ll got, and not only will I be a bad ass vampire, but I’ll be YOUR bad ass vampire.” Now, this is about to get good!

* And I totally knew that Bill was going to come in to save the day before Jessica ate her dad. But now what? Will he eat the entire family so they don’t tell on Sookie? This could be a big problem in human-ville. She fu**ed up. Thoughts?

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