Wanna Rumble with the Bee, Huh?

Wanna rumble with all the other Queen Bees? Then you better dress — and smell— the part. And what’s more bee-fitting than a fresh honey scent? The sweet elixir is, in fact, the inspiration behind M.A.C’s limited edition Naked Honey collection, which includes several golden and amber-tinged lipgloss and eyeshadow hues that are perfect for the season, as well as a honey scented moisturizer, shower gel, and perfume that will boost your confidence on these sticky, endless summer nights.
Formulated with bio-converted honey that was, in turn, mixed with moisturizing and soothing lavender, narcissus, jasmine flower and blue algae extracts, the Naked Honey Moisturizing Body Wash feels divine on the skin. The body wash lathers up nicely into a rich and creamy gel that cleanses the skin while also hydrating it so that, once you pat yourself dry, you’ll literally feel silky smooth.

I’ve long been an advocate of using honey in skincare products since the substance boasts natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties (hence its medicinal use) and works wonders in healing skin wounds and scars. Honey is also a natural humectant (meaning it can draw moisture from the air onto the skin), so it’s perfect for those who have dry and sensitive skin or whose skin is being exposed to the sun and heat at a higher rate (as well all tend to do during the summer months).

This “hotness” comes courtesy of our girl Celia at Sicka Than Average, read the rest of this post there!

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