Ahmadinejad Boasts Iranian “Free Vote”

While the world mourned Michael Jackson, RIP, Iranian President (?) Ahmadinejad decided to hold a press conference to say that the Iranian people are doing just fine.
Ahmadinejad delivered an uncompromising riposte to questions over his political legitimacy tonight by casting his re-election as a democratic triumph and mocking his opponents for failing to provide evidence to support their claims of fraud.

His appearance came hours after Iran‘s opposition movement took another step towards concerted action with a defiant call from Mir Hossein Mousavi, the defeated presidential candidate, for the release of all those detained in the country’s post-election unrest. Mousavi was backed by fellow candidate Mehdi Karoubi as well as the reformist former president Mohammad Khatami in a statement posted on his website.

In a live address on state television, Ahmadinejad made scant reference to the bitter divisions and mass demonstrations provoked by his disputed victory. Instead, he said “some” Iranians had collaborated with foreign powers in trying to sully what he portrayed as a glorious episode.

“They didn’t provide even one piece of documentary evidence regarding irregularity or vote fraud,” said Ahmadinejad.”

This is only going to get worse, and if you’re confused as to why the Iranian people are protesting and dying, check out this out. Suddenly, I’m reminded all too well of US President Bush’s “win”…



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