Almost But Not Quite

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Are you read-y for the sum-mer?
Are you read-y for the good times?

Remember the days of grade school when summer vacation was approaching? Teachers all of sudden were nicer. Your load of homework got lighter and the anticipation of having a couple of months of freedom filled hallways mingling with overactive teenage hormones. For me the last two weeks were always bittersweet— relieved to see the end in sight but yet it was still sooo farrr awayyy.

Those days are long gone but I am suffering from the same anxiety. Agosto en europa is the communal vacation month. Just like everyone else, my vacation plans are set. Portugal, here I come. But wait just a minute or more like two whole weeks. I am not done yet. There are still temas pendientes (pending tasks) at work including a last minute business trip that will transport me to Mexico.

When I arrive to work I review my Outlook calendar and count down the days until my flight. It’s unnecessary. I know how many days se quedan (remain) but adhering to this habit reaffirms that Exit Day is coming. Coincidently the biz trip that reared its ugly little head a few days ago is butting up against my vacation time. In theory, my flight from Mexico lands nine hours before my flight to vacation-land takes off. Es justo.

Every day I get 24 hours closer to my escape but I feel like in the interim my days are long and duro (hard). But I know I am not alone. The office atmosphere is chaotic with people running around trying to FINISH, TERMINAR, ACABAR. Their only motivation is that soon, the vacation they have dreamed out loud about over coffee with colleagues will become a tangible experience. They, we, I are standing strong keeping our eyes on the prize while friends leave us one, by one, by one. Que envidia.

Quiero vacaciones ya!

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