Berlin Fashion Week ’09 x KW Discotheque

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It’s been a long time…I shouldn’a left you…” Yesss, I have been missing, that we know. But what you don’t know is that Berlineska’s been on the move! It’s chaotic in Berlin these days. But I’m sending you a quickie! We loves those, don’t we?

The city of Berlin’s been busy not only with the return of hometown heroes Bread & Butter after years in Barcelona, but also Berlin Fashion Week ’09! I know what you’re thinking (or doing) ‘le yawn’ but fear not, this year seems to be jam-packed full of note-worthy fashion debuts gracing everything from the streets to glossy magazine sheets.

In addition, another interesting event unfolding this week is KW Discotheque , a 3-day art collective at K W (Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art) showcasing a fusion of electronic beats and fashion. Exhibits by Alexander Flach (best known for his photo book ‘Berlin Calling’ and his pivotal visual contribution for Vice Magazine) and Wood Wood (progressive Scandinavian fashion mainstay birthed in Copenhagen with a shop extension in Berlin) will be on display. KW Discotheque will also include a DJ lineup touting DJ Kaos, Daniel Wang, I Boat Captain, TieDye, RollerBoys, Munk, Headman, Marvin, Valentino and Paul Mogg & Bonnie. The visual exhibitions will be presented by Florian Boehm, Marok/Lodown Magazine, Alexander Flach, Karl/Wood Wood and Milen Till.

Here’s the day-to-day line-up:

Thursday 2 July 09:
Daniel Wang, Balihu Environ Nyc
I Boat Captain, Mindless Boogie Lisboa
TieDye, Italians Do It Better, Sweden
Rollberboys, Epic Disco, Sweden

Friday, 3 July 09:

Munk, Gomma
Headman, Relish
Marvin Carl Schuhman, Erste Liga
Valentino, Gomma
I Boat Captain, Mindless Boogie Lisboa

Saturday 4 July 09:
Dj Kaos, DFA
Paul Moog, DFA
Bonnie, In love with
I Boat Captain, Mindless Boogie
+ very special guest surprise

Here’s more event info…

If you’re in town, do check out at least one of these things…it will be tres good. I will come back after the shenanigans and report my findings. That is if I’m found alive and well, kicking somewhere. Let’s hope that’s the case. Stay tuned!

Berlineska xx

ps. Playing a bit of DJ Kaos to taste, I’m currently on his track “Italians Do It Better.” Inhale, exhale, jig, jig, jig. Anyway…

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