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Booze for Breakfast

I don’t want to generalize. Booze en la madrugada (early morning) is consumed by many throughout the world but seeing it here on a regular basis still catches me by surprise. Just this morning I saw a woman in a café taking swigs of a cerveza as I was ordering my usual te y croissant. She appeared to be the only one drinking a non breakfast beverage like café or zumo (juice) however no one, from what I could tell, seemed to have the same gagging reaction as I did. Last weekend the same thing happened. Boyfriend and I were having breakfast in a café. Another patron sitting behind us ordered herself a glass of vino tinto to accompany her desayuno without hesitation. The waiter- didn’t even raise an eyebrow at her request while I sat there in disbelief watching her sip and flip the morning paper.
Call me provincial but alcohol before noon is simply wrong. Not wrong in the sense that it is bad etiquette but an Estrella (Spain’s national beer) first thing in the AM seems like a harsh way to break-the-fast. I’m a fem-girl that likes a cold one on a hot day just like any other hot blooded hombre. But never will I consider drinking one first thing in the morning to wash down my tostada. The timing and the combination is all off unless we are talking brunch and bellinis. But brunch isn’t actually breakfast and therefore it is exempt from being used as a counter argument in this scenario.
A beer at a BBQ makes sense. They go well together. But a beer for breakfast is stomach curdling. What about a glass of wine instead of a cortado (type of coffee) to get you going? Tampoco. A Coke in place of coffee I wouldn’t do either but I can understand craving that sugary burn to jolt you out of a slumber.

Que asco!

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