Dana’s Loft Hair: A Triple Threat


left: Dana’s Loft Hair Products (not all shown), right: Dana Gibbs

When it comes to hair, you name it, I’ve done it. Locks, Caesar Cut, Blowout, Curly Fro, etc…bring it on and I will show you pictures. Since I have been 100% natural since 1999, I can also fill a tabloid size piece of paper with all of the hair products I have tried as well and promptly vowed never to use again. But a few years ago, while producing a photo-shoot, God sent me a hair angel and her name was Dana Gibbs.

Dana is a celebrity stylist without the celebrity attitude, if you live in NYC and happen to find yourself at her salon, Dana’s Loft, on Orchard Street in New York City you will see what I mean. The Parlour Holy Trinity (Steely, Mahogs, and I) all count ourselves as regulars, and for good reason: she’s dope. Especially if you are looking for a new look. Recently, I found myself in her chair for a major change—I cut off about 11 inches of hair to a short, curly “Nola Darling-esque” style with a splash of color, but outside of getting “done”, I stop by to re-up on my supply of her own line of hair products, Dana’s Loft Hair.

My favorite combo is what we call the ‘Triple Threat”: Fuel Me Detangler, Smooth Me Leave-In Conditioner, followed by Silk Me Mousse. It my arsenal against summer frizz, whether curly or straight. I still don’t understand how her products can work equally on processed or natural hair, but I swear by them, with the Tex Me Pomade running in a close 4th place. Here is my recipe:

1. Wash/Condition hair according to you texture, length, etc

2. Spray in Fuel Me before combing to detangle the hair

3. Apply Smooth Me to the hair to protect it from heat styling, and/or control frizz

4. Work in Silk Me pre or post styling for a soft hold.

Of course I have probably the thickest head of curly hair in the world, so my recipe may be different from yours, but the products work for all hair types and styles (trust me, i’ve had most of them, lol).

To find out more about Dana and Dana’s Loft, check out her online site here. To see her work for yourself, pick up the April, July & September 2009 and issues of Essence Magazine.

ps. this post is completely biased because we kinda love her and don’t believe in keeping it to ourselves!

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