Feeling Kinda Campy

For the next few days…the planets will be aligned. The Cards and Dodgers are playing each other on East Coast (OK, Central) time. The Yankees are in first place and have won 10 of their last 11. My hair has been cooperating. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…
Training camp is about to start!! I don’t know why I’m so excited about it this year. Maybe because I really like Rex Ryan, or because I have that “Tomorrow” optimism that comes with the top of every football season. All I know is that I’m really feeling it.

You know who else is feeling it right now? Tarvaris Jackson. He gets to keep his job, which in this economy is a good thing-but he also knows that the Vikings were this close to relegating him to the bench. That has to sting some kind of way.

That’s not all I’m looking forward to either. TO in Buffalo should be very interesting. Lito Shepard and Kerry Rhodes in the same backfield should be great, and I want to see how a Jessica Simpson-less Tony Romo plays and if a Kim Kardashian-less Reggie Bush will actually live up to his potential this season.

There are some things going on I don’t necessarily agree with-namely Roger Goodell doing Mike Vick extra dirty and not immediately reinstating him, along with the existence of the Giants, the existence of the Patriots, and every other team I can’t stand. Hopefully they all have dismal seasons while my team has a great one. I know-but I already said I was feeling pre-season optimism. Can I live?

The best of all? I get to watch Rodney Harrison grow his post retirement double chin week in and week out on Sunday Night Football.

Yep, it’s getting close to that shiny happy time of year when beer and wings are the order of the day, and yelling extra loud just seems normal. I can’t wait.


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