FOODIE: Catfish Dinner, Spanish Fly Style

Hey mamas! If you’ve noticed, I’ve been in LA and away from my boyfriend for about a month and as a result, I wanted to christen my NYC apartment, which I missed terribly, with a home-cooked meal in my house. I missed cooking in my kitchen, and it missed me, lol…So, since all I had was frozen catfish, I thawed it out, grabbed some spinach, yellow rice, quick baked some tomatoes added a nice Labrusco and made magic to eat while I yelled at Sookie and Lafayette on “True Blood.”

Here’s my recipe for a quick and healthy Sunday dinner below:

Broiled Catfish


-4 fillets
-Tiger Sauce
-Old Bay
-Lemon or regular pepper to taste
-garlic salt
-honey drizzle at end


Cover fillets in ingredients except honey. let sit in refrigerator in a plastic closed bag for up to an hour, or over-night if you have time.

Turn on broiler to lo, put fillets on broiler pan for about 15-20 mins. Watch the fish closely, continuing to poke it with a fork to see if the juice runs clear. When the juice runs clear, drizzle top with honey and leave in for 1 or 2 more mins, being careful not to burn or dry out. Remove fish from oven.

Spinach with Roasted Garlic


-lemon pepper
-vegetable oil
-2 tblsp of minced garlic
-2 bushels of spinach


Add enough vegetable oil to cover the bottom of the pan, add in garlic and brown over medium heat.

Add in lemon pepper to taste, add in spinach and continuously stir the spinach until it shrinks down. Remove just as it becomes limp so it retains it’s nutrients and flavor.

Yellow Rice with Seasoned Roasted Tomatoes:


-Goya Yellow Rice box
Buy a box of Goya and follow the directions. Or if you’re like I was in LA, with nan but Mexican/South American foods, follow these directions.
-2 tomatoes rough cut
-1 packet Goya cilantro and garlic seasoning
-olive oil


-heat oven to low broil
– lay out a piece of foil that can hold and cover the tomato pieces
-rub tomatoes with olive oil until covered, lay in foil, sprinkle with Goya seasoning, close tomatoes in foil
-pop in oven on a cookie sheet for about 5-7 mins. Remember it’s a fruit/veggie so it doesn’t need long to steam cook. Serve along with rice.

If you make this properly, you’ll have anough leftovers for a recession-friendly leftover lunch for you and your boo/roommate the next day. Tell me how yours turns out!

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