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H1N1, Part II: The London Edition


Following on from Ms. Skeptical’s piece on swine flu, I thought I’d add my two-pence. Been a while since I’ve posted because… well… despite using those sanitizer wipes and gels at work, swine flu came and slapped me on the arse, and I had be holed up at home for a week.

I’m not one of those chicks who deals well with sickness. Mostly because I hate being forced to stay at home! Once I’d got through everything on my Sky + box (Tivo), I felt my world was ending. I knew I’d hit rock bottom when I started watching re-runs of Diagnosis Murder, Monk and Crossing Jordan on Hallmark. I love me some Dick Van Dyke. But he’d suddenly became an important part of my TV-viewing schedule.

Anyway, I felt like crap and could barely move. The doctor did my consultation over the phone (you can’t go to the docs office if you’ve got the symptoms), but they wouldn’t give me Tamiflu as I was otherwise fit and healthy. My only link to the outside world was my Facebook account on my phone. So rather than watch the MJ memorial with my friends, I had to watch at home on my own and discuss it with my friends via FB statuses.

Sad, I know.

Anyway — we’re not really being given much of a steer on what the Swine Flu situation is like elsewhere in the world. And to be honest we’ve got enough to deal with this end. So far 30 people have died: some of them had underlying health problems, others had been perfectly healthy.

The National Health Service phoneline is dealing with about 60, 000 calls a week (I tried to call them first with my symptoms, was on hold for 45 minutes and then I was cut off). So now they’re setting up a dedicated phone line.

Pregnant women are being told to avoid crowds. Over the weekend UK kids who were on a school trip to China were quarantined as soon as they got off the plane. Some airlines are refusing to take passengers who show ANY symptoms, churches have stopped offering communion — and there’s even talk of shutting schools in the Autumn (Fall) when the kids get back from summer holiday.

People are wandering round London wearing those stupid masks (they’re totally pointless and don’t work, and they look awful: so why wear them?!), we’re trying to avoid closed areas like the subway and buses. And news organisations like the BBC are stockpiling Tamiflu.

As I was saying to Steely D of Parlour fame…Haven’t I seen this film somewhere before?

Then I said she had, it was called 28 Days Later…minus the zombies of course, I mean the infected don’t eat your brains or anything…well, not yet anyway

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