Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Finally, after going to Bloomie’s to cop an interview dress and skipping over to the bag section only to be disappointed, I found this little piece of heaven on BagSnob. Thanks girls!

It’s called the Kasia Bag and it made my Tuesday. Heart. I love that it doesn’t say Marc Jacobs all over it, I love that it’s creatively designed with post-modern curves, AND I love that it’s functional. Just when I was about to fire you Marc, for all those quasi-thrift shop dresses you’re trying to hawk me at Macy’s for almost $300 (gaw!) I’m back to being your bestie. While the bag debuts in July and is around $1700 (during a recession), let’s just appreciate the beauty while continuing to sensibly pay our rent, shall we?

MJ (both of them) fo’ life!

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