“Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince” UK Premiere


Did I mention that I’m THRILLED and over-the-top excited for this film? Here’s the cast at the UK premiere. Harry comes stateside July 15th! YAY!

+ Ginny Weasley and Harry make out? Whaaaa!

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  • my son and i just finished re-reading the book just in time for the movie. i can’t wait!

    did you hear that ron weasley reportedly caught the swine flu but is recuperating? http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/07/05/2616986.htm

  • Steely D

    I did! Isn’t that wild! Po’ Ron…lol

  • Miss T


    Its nice to know that i’m not the only Harry Potter fan….my friends have been giving me the side-eye which now makes me think of getting new friends, how can you NOT be excited about Harry and co’s return?