Head Over Heels?

Back aches, bunions and sore feet? No thanks! However, when Gwyneth Paltrow wore a five-inch-high pair of Russell & Bromley shoe boots the store sold out almost instantly. And then, when models were toppling over left and right at the Spring 2009 Prada show and at Herve Leger’s Fall 2009 Runway Show- nobody seemed overly concerned.

My question to the ladies is- why do so many women inflict such pain on themselves? Is fashion’s only way…up?

Instead of taking this accident-waiting-to-happen as a bad sign, fashion editors seem to be following suit. And, there is no sign that the stiletto heel will disappear anytime soon- in fact heels are getting higher by the day. Have you seen Victoria Beckham lately? She injects Botox into the balls of her feet as a means to wear ultra-high heels!

Personally, I’m a flat-boot kind of girl. I think they are stylish, comfortable and versatile. The very few times I’ve slapped on a pair of heels may have been for a holiday party, wedding or some social occasion. Typically what ends up happening afterward is I spend the entire evening grumpy, immobile and longing to leave. And that’s before we get talking about the the health hazards of me toppling over.

Yes, heels can crush your feet, warp your toes, give you bunions and may even throw your back out! Even though stilettos might make you feel sexy, I’m sure the girl wearing the pretty flats and a cute cocktail dress at your next party is the same one ruling the dance floor and having a blast.

Maybe we should follow her lead?

Check out what The Daily Mail has to say about the hidden cost of wearing pumps.

– Clementine Cruz

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