Hip-Hop Mags – One Big Joke?

Yesterday while working on this, I found myself being entertained by Comedy Central’s showcase of up-and-coming comedians, known as Premium Blend. Hosted by David Alan Grier, the show gives comedians a national stage to strut their stuff, and for the most part they are pretty funny….and then you have those who mean well, but end up falling flat. With that, meet Andrew Donnelly.

Break: To save you time, fast forward to the 11:11 time mark and watch.

In his short set, Andrew muses over the need for safes in Super 8 motels (kinda funny), and the lack of options when it comes to his thermostat (we all can testify to a city apartment being Africa hot or Antarctica cold) – general humourous observations. Andrew then goes on to talk about people with difficult jobs and uses an interesting example: a proofreader at a hip-hop magazine. So what’s not-so-funny? Basically, Andrew doesn’t seem to think that a proofreader would have an easy time at a hip-hop publication since, judging from his set, hip-hop writers can’t write. According to Donnelly, we can’t get past using numbers in lieu of letters and everything sentence ends with ‘word’ or a ‘z’.

If a proofreader is having a continuously hard time at work, either they can’t do their job or they work with sub-par writers. What Andrew is insinuating is that writers for, and readers of hip-hop publications are not expected to have the same editorial standards, hence intelligence and expectations as say…Vanity Fair. Obviously Andrew doesn’t actually read mags like XXL, VIBE (RIP), or Complex, which are all full of complete sentences and correct grammar, not to mention penned by some of the best writers in the country. Not hip-hop writers—writers. Maybe he just looks at the pictures, which might explain the wrist brace. Without the aforementioned pubs, and others like The Source, the brains behind Parlour wouldn’t be around (we are all vets of these mags) – and we didn’t get here with bad punctuation.
So either Donnelly can’t tell a joke or I can’t take one—either way with the current state of urban publications in limbo, ain’t shit funny. Word.
ps. Am I the only one who sees the humour in using this picture of ‘Fabolous’? I heart hip-hop…


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