How Do You Like Your Men: Hair or No Hair?


I have always had a thing for men with hair (within reason, that is).  A nicely-groomed beard, a little chest hair and some thick legs with a smooth layer of hair are the ultimate forms of masculinity. So now that more men are starting to get into shaving (below the neck), I am starting to wonder—is this no longer a thing for the metro and homosexual community?  Are more men starting to shave their chest, underarm and pubic hair?  And as women–do you consider men who shave to be..well… questionable?

Last Thursday, The New York Times ran a story on the topic and completely sparked my interest.  Traditionally I am most attracted to men who like to maintain their appearance, but I usually draw the line at shaving the pubes (sometimes a sign that they have some sort of VD) or chest hair (unless your a male model or a swimmer) and underarms (forget it!).  Is it just me?

In the same NYT story, they quoted a recent survey of male students at the University of South Florida where 80 percent of 364 students said they engaged in body shaving.  Gillette, maybe to blame for all of this madness, started a series of how-to web videos showing men the best ways to shave their chests, underarms and “groins”.  The “How to Shave Your Groin” video ranked No. 3 on a list of the top online video advertisements compiled by Web video measurement firm Visible Measures.  In three weeks, it racked up more than 1.4 million views, not counting traffic to Gillette’s site.  What is going on?

I have often heard the phrase, “you can’t trust a man who shaves his facial hair,” and.. well.. there may be some truth to that.  So now that we’re shaving bodies, what does that say?  Ladies–are you feeling this trend or am I alone in this?

Here’s the lovely “Groin” video, courtesy of our friends at Gillette.

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  • guywithglasses

    men shaving pubes are a tell tale sign of having a VD?? thats a new one to me.

    Every gentleman should at least trim the bushes. Anything less is uncivilized.

  • @ guywithglasses: shaved pubes may be a tell-tale sign that the guy had crabs or something that required hair removal to make sure that it was all gone. it’s like if someone had lice. old school solution was just to shave them close to bald.

    regarding not trusting a man who shaves his facial hair, hasn’t being clean-shaven been the preference in the business world?

    but i agree with gwg because chest hair peeking out of the top of a tee-shirt is gross. and the last time i thought seeing chest hair behind a silky button-down was sexy was teddy p, before his accident, lol.