Jay Smooth on MJ, Camera Culture and the Children

Once again the hip-hop Andy Rooney, Jay Smooth, is at again. We heart Jay here at Parlour and this week he attacks the media’s (and our own) habit of devouring Michael Jackson, charging that we too are responsible for his life’s awkwardness. Jay highlights the fact that all of us, with Twitter, and vlogging and blogging, are living in front of a lens, with which we have to find a balance between our “social” life and our personal life. Michael never did and so he suffered.

I agree with Jay that social media can sometimes be debilitating, if not plain annoying. Not that I don’t enjoy Twitter, but I have to say that while I was in Los Angeles taking care of my family, I didn’t miss it. Now that I’m back in NYC, I have to make a conscious effort to Twit and care about other folks’ silly nonsensical twits…Am I broken?

Check Jay’s vlog after the jump and tell me what you think, I’m curious…

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