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JLS: My Secret Musical Crush


These boys are JLS (stands for “Jack The Lad Swing”). They came 2nd in last year’s “X Factor” final, and their debut single “Beat Again” (video after the jump) is currently no.1 on the UK charts. Thing is, the lyrics are crap and the dancing is dodgy. But I really like the song!

I don’t why, but I do. My friends think I’m crazy, and keep taking the piss. But I’m standing strong. Maybe it’s because they’re South Londoners, maybe it’s because there hasn’t been a successful black boy band in the UK for about 15 years, maybe it’s because they’re cute. I dunno, but I’M A JLS FAN AND I’M PROUD! (just don’t tell anyone …)

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  • guywithglasses

    I didn’t know there was going to be a new season of Noah’s Arc!

  • obvious foundation makeup on men is never appealing. love them though!

  • Dude, I didn’t even realize they were Black until you said they were. Eek.

  • Slmblady

    So now you don’t like them because they’re black! You sir or ma’am are truely a disgrace to the human race! Please do us all a favor  krank16 and do not procreate, we don’t need you instilling that type of mindset in any children.