Juan P Isn’t Nearly As Excited As I Am

Juan Pierre is going back to the bench this weekend. Of course he’ll say all the right things, just like he has been since Joe Torre arrived in LA and he lost his starting job.

He’s spent the past 46 games starting in left field, batting leadoff and playing some great baseball. Everyone knew he was good-he just ended up having his bad season (and every player has one) at the wrong time.

So on Saturday, when Manny Ramirez is finished serving his suspension, Juan P. will find himself on the bench again, coming into the game as a pinch runner/hitter. Mannywood will reopen, and for most fans-including yours truly, all will be right with the world.

As for Juan Pierre? Who knows. According to Joe Torren, he will become the 4th outfielder, and will have more playing time than he did before. He may even be traded someplace where he can be an everyday player, but one thing is for sure. He’s shown that he’s got way too much talent to be a bench warmer.

I can’t even express how happy it will make me to see Manny back in the lineup. He cheated, he did his time, and now it’s time to get back to business. I can finally watch my games and not feel like something is missing and/or wrong.


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