LATE PASS x Sex Drive: Amber Rose Joins Ford Modeling Agency + Porn Talk

amber-rose ford modelsStab me if we’ve already posted this, but I didn’t remember that Ambie of kAMye fame is an official model now, as in had a contract with a reputable agency in Ford Models. Are we surprised? Not really, I mean, that’s everyone’s goal right? To be taken seriously and get paid for their passion. Ambie’s is clearly modeling and I’m not mad at her, so Ambie, from Parlour to you, congrats! Represent brown (honorary) girls well!
Thx Bossip for keeping me on my g…Plus Ambie talks about threesomes, giving “face,” and…other things. Believe this iv was pre-Kanye. I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect her voice to sound like this… NSFW. AT ALL.

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